Potted Winter Rose (Helleborus)

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A beautiful potted Winter Rose makes a perfect living gift.

Comes in beautifully decorated pot.

Winter Roses are adored for their ornamental diversity, ease of care, evergreen foliage and long blooming winter colour. They look amazing in massed plantings, and become valuable ground covers, especially in dry shady areas. There is a fabulous colour palette to choose from; dark, plum shades, vibrant yellows, bright whites and a whole range of pinks, some blooms are unadorned, some have intricate patterns. The flowers can be single and open, double, frilled, pendent or outward facing, there really is an infinite range from which to pick.

Once you have made your selection, you will need to pick your spot. Winter Roses like sun in winter, and shade in summer, so they thrive in those often hard to fill, partly shaded areas of the garden, and beneath the shade of deciduous trees and shrubs. You will know if they are in too much shade, because you won’t see any flowers, and in too much sun, their leaves will scorch.

Winter Roses grow best throughout Victoria, Tasmania, and the cooler parts of NSW, Qld, WA and SA. They grow pretty much anywhere as long as there isn’t too much humidity, and have absolutely no problem with frost.

You can grow Winter Roses in large pots too, but don’t forget they will need a bit of extra care to look as good as those in the garden. They are relying on you to ensure their water and nutrients needs.

Winter Roses thrive in humus rich, to moderately fertile soils. It is best to avoid sandy soils, or add plenty of rotted compost to your planting hole. When planting your Winter Roses, dig the hole, twice the size of the existing pot, and position your plant where the roots meet the stem, at the soil level as they need a bit of air circulation. Water in, and keep moist whilst establishing, once established they are dry tolerant.

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