Potted Happy Wanderer (Hardenbergia)

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A beautiful potted Happy Wanderer makes a perfect living gift.

Comes in beautifully decorated terracotta pot.

The Hardenbergia violacea is native to the regions from Queensland to Tasmania in Australia. It is commonly called the Happy Wanderer and its crowded lilac flowers are an added attraction to the home garden around AFL grand final day. The other common names include purple coral pea, native lilac, vine lilac, waraburra, etc. The Happy wanderer belongs to the Fabaceae pea family and is an evergreen climber or a vine. The plant is a large size when mature and can spread about 2 to 5 metres. It attains a maximum height of up to 6 metres and grows vigorously. The Happy Wanderer flowers during winter and spring. The other colours of the flowers are pink (Hardenbergia violacea Rosea), white (Hardenbergia violacea Alba) and Hardenbergia sweetheart etc. It has hard and leathery green leaves with detailed venation and they are lance-shaped. The vine looked to be more durable than what I had experienced. The stems are woody and slender that can easily climb over other plants and structures. It is mainly grown for it’s attractive looking ornamental flowers and can be used as ground cover or for screening a wall or old tree trunk as I grew it. I had seen the happy wanderer growing, covering the ground of the divided median strip, separating opposing lanes of traffic between Albury and Wodonga at the NSW and Victorian border a few years back. This is what gave me the idea to grow it. I was surprised to learn the hard way, that the happy wanderer vine could only tolerate light frosts.

Growing Hardenbergia violacea

The Happy Wanderer thrives on a well-draining soil that is free from lime. The twining vine can grow in full sun or in areas where there is partial sun.

The vine cannot tolerate high winter temperatures and loves regular watering during the harsh summers and reduced watering during the winter months.

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