Potted Bromeliad (Vriesea sp.)

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A beautiful potted Bromeliad makes a perfect living gift.

Comes in beautifully decorated hanging basket or terracotta pot.

Outdoors dappled shade - Indoors bright indirect light - Frost free - Well drained potting mix

A rosette-forming perennial that generally bears an all red, sword-like flower spike. Other types of Bromeliad have more spreading flower heads in shades of yellow, orange, red and purple. Some varieties are grown for their striped foliage.

Ideal for hanging on trees outdoors in sheltered spots in warmer, tropical to subtropical regions. Place potted specimens indoors in well lit areas to provide a striking interior decor feature.

Grow in a warm, humid spots protected from the direct sun. Do not overwater and ensure there is good drainage. Keep central "vase" filled with water and mist plants in dry weather. Grow in potting mix formulated for Bromeliads.

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