Potted Boronia (Boronia megastigma)

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A beautiful potted Boronia makes a perfect living gift.

Established Plant.Comes in beautifully decorated pot.

Partial sun - Full sun - Fragrant - Cut flowers - Height 1-1.5m - Width 1m

Popular Australian native shrub grown for wonderful perfumed flowers. Fine densely foliaged upright shrub with a profusion of pretty, bell-shaped, perfumed flowers. Foliage is also aromatic.

Full sun or partly shaded position in moist, neutral to acidic, free draining soils. Protect from drying winds. Keep root system cool and moist with layered mulch (pinebark, leaf litter or well-rotted compost). Boronias benefit from supplementary watering during hot dry periods. Lightly prune after flowering. Tolerant of moderate frost.

Cultivate soil before planting. Did hole twice the width of container. Remove plant from container and place in hole so the soil level is the same as surrounding ground. Fill hole firmly and water well, even if the soil is moist.

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