Hanging Potted "String of Pearls" - (Senecio rowleyanus)

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A beautiful hanging potted "String of Pearls" makes a perfect living gift.

Comes in beautiful hanging pot.

String of Pearls is a super popular trailing succulent, she is suitable for brightly lit indoor areas or semi-shaded outdoor positions. Grown as a hanging plant for her cascading dense curtain.

Pearly is easy to grow. She will handle some direct sun, but too much can cause her to burn and may cause the plant to look stressed during hot weather. A few hours of morning sun is fine, relocate her if she is looking a bit unhealthy. She thrives best when grown in dappled sun or under shade cloth.
This is a succulent plant an so she is drought tolerant, surviving long periods without water. Her water -storing abilities allow her to be watered thoroughly one week and then pretty much forgotten till the next few weeks.
Like most succulents, String of Pearls isn’t affected by many pests or disease issues. Please don't go hardcore on the watering can with this babe as she will only rot if kept too wet or too dark, so proper positioning and careful watering are a must.

Quick Facts:

  • What to use me for: Perfect for an indoor hanging basket, plant shelfie or your teen's rooms dripping over a few study books!
  • Where to place me: Easy to grow I just need bright light and not too much direct sun.
  • Watering conditions: Go easy on the watering can and remember I'm a succulent! Let me dry out between watering and only water every 2-3 weeks. A small liquid feed during the growing season would be lovely, please!
  • Soil conditions: Succulents need excellent drainage. Use a cactus mix which is good & chunky allowing the water to easily drain out.

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